Special Olympics Avery County prepares for fall

Three Special Olympics Avery County teams preparing for the Fall Tournament in Charlotte from Nov. 1 to 3. Pictured left is the bocce team. Pictured on the back row are Mace Calloway, Tim Minton, Josh Oaks and Mickey Daniels; pictured on the middle row are Neal Graham, Audrey Rose, Coach Natalie Buchanan and Tommy Stewart; pictured seated are Brenda Justice, Patty Topper, Laken Benfield and Charlie Varner. Bocce practice is held at Yellow Mountain Enterprises at 1 p.m. on Thursday afternoons. Pictured center is the basketball skills team, comprised of (back row) Nicho Reinecke, Elijah Cornett, Greg Gurley, Asst. Rymn Reinecke, Asst. Cindy Wohlleb and Coach Kirk Holdcroft; (middle row) Asst. Cytina Reinecke, Marilyn Lane, Neal Graham, John Hendricks; (front row) Mason Gilliam, Charlie Varner, Katie Holdcroft, Patty Topper and Mickey Daniels. Basketball skills practice is held at the Rock Gym from 4 to 5 p.m. on Thursdays. Pictured right is the golf team, comprised of Coach Richard Corning, Zach Cable, Neal Graham, Coach Matt Pitman, Patty Topper and John Hendricks. The golf team practices on Tuesday mornings at Mountain Glen Golf Course.

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