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Mountain Glen Women’s Golf Association

The Mountain Glen ladies not competing for the Club Championship competed in a game called Garbage Day, where players throw away one hole on both the front and back nine and replace it with a part.

Lynda Dowdell claimed the top spot with an 87, while Linda Hanlon nabbed second with a 96. In the net division, Jean Kohler won with a 62 while Jan Dempster fired a 66 for second.

Pam Roth won the nine-hole division with a 47. Bey McNew claimed second with a 48.

On Sept. 10, the golfers competed in a quota points battle in both the nine and 18-hole leagues.

In the 18-hole division, Beth Hill scored a +3 to win the first flight, while Martha Serola won the second flight with a +5. Frances Allen and Jean Kohler won the third and fourth flights, respectively.

Pam Roth and Carol Padgett tied for first. Cindy Wholeib and Larissa Saunders tied for third.

Linville Land Harbor 18-hole Ladies Golf Association

The Linville Land Harbor Ladies continued weekly competition on Sept. 10 with an Individual Quota points game.

In the Red Flight, Cathy Angella claimed the top spot with a +7, while Kay Brooks and Ann Lynch tied for second with a +6. Pamela Patrick and Sharon Holloway tied for fourth as each carded a +5.

The Gold Flight saw Greata Baumann and Fran Palmer tied for first with a +7. Ro Nocera was third with a +6, and Donna Fisher and Dee Humphrey tied for fourth.

Greta Bremser was the closest to the pin on No. 7. On No. 13, Ann Lynch was closest to the pin as she carded a hole-in-one.

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