Bremser honored

Greta Bremser received a Hall of Fame award on September 24 during the Linville Land Harbor 18-Hole Ladies Golf Association’s annual Awards Luncheon.

Linville Land Harbor 18-Hole Ladies Golf Association

The Linville Land Harbor ladies continue to compete in weekly action.

On Sept. 17, the group competed in the Two Best Balls of the Foursome competition. The team of Kay Brooks, Judy Litt and Dee Humphrey claimed the top spot by one stroke over the team of Anne Lynch, Greta Bremser and Debbie Carlile.

Cathy Angella, Jill McCarty, Lin Benza and Pam Sabella were third — just two strokes off the winning score.

Kay Brooks was closest to the pin on No. 7, while Darlene Cook was the closest on No. 13.

On Sept. 24, the group competed in a one best net front and one best gross back. The teams of Loey Grader, Linda Sandweg, Geri Stern and Pam Sabella and the team of Candace Hook, Debbie Carlile, Sandy Hurd and Sondra Schimmoller tied for the top spot with a 53.

Elaine Johnson, Jill McCarty, Ann Francis and Linda Weiss finished third with a 64, and two teams tied for fourth place.

Debbie Carlile was the closest to the pin on No. 7, while Loey Grader was closest on No. 13.

The group also presented its Hall of Fame Award to Greta Bremser on Sept. 24 during the annual Awards Luncheon. The honor is presented to the lady golfer who had made extraordinary contributions to the association over time.

Bremser has volunteered countless hours to the 18 Hole LGA, to creating weekly and major tournament pairings, communicating with players, maintaining handicap indexes, assigning handicaps to new and current players, and training others in the use of tournament software (Golf Genius).

Prior to instituting the GHIN handicap system, she personally entered golf scores for innumerable rounds of the game, for years, by hand, always focusing on the importance of each individual golfer’s maintenance of a valid handicap index.

In addition, each year she coordinates with other golf associations at Land Harbor to develop play schedules, encourages collaborations between the two lady golf leagues at LLH, and offers education sessions designed to strengthen understanding of the rules and traditions of golf.

Bremser has directly contributed to the golf program at LH through activities and expertise recognized by the USGA. She is a USGA Certified Course Rater and has an in depth understanding and mastery of the rules of golf, how to address rule violations and how to teach rules in a way that is supportive to players.

To further support the golf program at LH, Bremser works closely with Michael Hayes, Golf Operations Manager, to update the annual Golf Handbook that all golfers use throughout the season. As a member of the Golf Committee, Bremser has worked tirelessly to promote Land Harbor through the “Stay and Play” program, the golf program and organizing golf clinics for new golfers. As member and current Chairperson of the Golf Committee, she provides a level of insight and knowledge about golf at Land Harbor that is deeply appreciated and valued.

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