Avery soccer seniors

Pictured from left are Avery soccer seniors Ollianne Rainey, Yesenia Vargas, Maribel Martinez, Jill Downing, Tracey Clontz, Tiffany Nguyen and Morgan Pyatte.

NEWLAND — The Avery women’s soccer team honored its seven seniors prior to its May 1 home finale against Mitchell.

Following some inspirational words shared from each of the seven players, Ollianne Rainey, Yesenia Vargas, Maribel Martinez, Jill Downing, Tracey Clontz, Tiffany Nguyen and Morgan Pyatte, the Lady Vikings played inspired against the rival Mitchell Lady Mountaineers. Despite the determined play, Mitchell pulled out a 3-2 win at MacDonald Stadium following penalty kicks.

Following a rainy afternoon and an hour delay, the Lady Vikings rushed the field for a bittersweet matchup, with the emotion that comes with Senior Night.

The evening was a final opportunity for fans and players to acknowledge the high school seniors on the team graduating this year. The first half was well-defended by Avery, who managed to stop numerous advances by Mitchell toward the goal. AHS keeper Downing kept a clean sheet through 80 minutes of regular time, as well as a 20-minute overtime period. The second half was yet another standstill between the teams, as both teams were equally matched defensively and offensively. With the score still 0-0 following the end of the second half, the game went into overtime.

Following the first 10-minute overtime session, neither team had scored, which was repeated during the second 10-minute overtime. With the game remaining scoreless, the teams went to penalty kicks, with five players from each club firing shots on goal to determine the winner.

Although both Morgan Pyatte and Skylar Strange of Avery managed to score a goal each during the allotted opportunities, Mitchell came out on top with three goals, bringing the game to its conclusion at 3-2.

The Lady Vikings travel to Mountain Heritage on Wednesday, May 3, for an away game which will be the final match of the regular season.

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