Linville Land Harbor 18-hole Ladies Golf Association

The Linville Land Harbor Ladies held an Individual Quota Points event on June 9.

Top finisher was Greta Baumann with a score of +7, with a tie for second between Carol Cooley and Pamela Patrick, who each scored +6. Fourth-place finisher was Mo Welling at +5, with Andrea Thurn finishing fifth overall at +3.

In the Gold A Flight, Ann Lynch was top placer with a score of +4. Lin Benza fired +2 for second place, with a third-place tie at -3 between Bonnie Troy and Jill McCarty.

In the Gold B Flight, Dee Humphrey earned top honors with a score of +3, with a tie for second place at +2 between players Pam Sabella and Ro Nocera. Judy Litt and Linda Owens tied for fourth place with a score of +1.

On June 16, the group held a rainy Best Net Score over nine holes. In the Red Flight, Greta Baumann top top honors, carding a 34. Runner-up was Andrea Thurn, who scored 37, with third place to Elaine Johnson with a 38 and fourth place finishing in a tie between Mo Welling and Pamela Patrick with scores of 45 each.

In the Gold A Flight, Peggy Wehunt fired a 38 for first place. Greta Bremser placed second with a 41. Judy Litt carded a 42, while Sandi Hurd placed fourth with a 45 and Candace Hook placed fifth with a 46.

In the Gold B Flight, Lessie Smith won first place with a score of 38. Lin Benza placed second with a score of 39, Pat Zell placed third with a 42, and Pam Sabella finished fourth with a score of 46.

Linville Land Harbor Nine-Hole Ladies Golf Association welcoming new members

Residents and visitors to Avery County who have seen or played the Linville Land Harbor Golf Course will agree that it is a true hidden gem. The course is beautifully maintained, has tree lined fairways, and presents enough water features to make it both challenging and interesting. LLH Golf Course follows the Covid-19 rules for social distancing, making it a fun and safe way to get outdoors.

The LLH 9-Hole Ladies Golf Association would like to share the experience of playing our course with women golfers of Avery County by inviting you to play as a guest. Our League welcomes golfers of all skill levels and promotes just enough friendly competition to challenge and build your skills. For more information, please contact Pat Steverding at (828) 260-8834. There are multiple benefits to the game of golf:

Golf is a social event. It’s not about the final score, but about getting out and having fun with other lady golfers. One of the great things about the Land Harbor 9-hole ladies league is that they are making friends, getting outside, having fun, and enjoying time with each other. In this golf league, the women are there to enjoy old friendships and create new friendships. The golf becomes more of an excuse to get together!

Golf is easy to learn. Many of the 9-hole league ladies didn’t take up the game until after they retired. Don’t even think about mastering the game because that is impossible. Remember: even the pros have bad days and they practice constantly. The 9-hole ladies league welcomes those just learning to play and those who are more experienced. Join them and just go out and have fun.

Golf is good, low impact, exercise. Even if you ride in a cart you are going to get in lots of steps during a round of golf. All that swinging and bending over is good for you too; it works muscles that don’t get used in any other way.

Golf reduces stress! Golf reduces stress, enhances mental focus, and cognitive function. Being outside with friends in such a beautiful setting as the Land Harbor golf course gives you a natural feeling of well-being. Each golf shot must be planned and, therefore, keeps you mentally sharp.

Golf also enhances mental focus. Golf helps keep your mind in focus. You practice being aware, you are thinking, and concentrating; you are evaluating and making strategic decisions. This helps everyone stay sharp as they get older.

So, come join the Linville Land Harbor 9-Hole Ladies Golf Association. They take golf — and fun — seriously!

Mountain Glen Women’s Golf Association

Also on June 9, a total of 17 women golfers competed at Mountain Glen. Some played nine holes, while other played 18 holes. This was the second official play day of 2020.

The game was a Net Individual game, with players using their established GHIN handicaps to conquer the course.

The winners on this day for 18 holes were Beth Hill with a net 69, and tied for second place were Linda Hanlon and Kay Laffoon with 70. In nine-hole results, Maureen Walker finished first by firing a 29, with second place of 35 to Carol Padgett and Leslie Barry placed third with a score of 38.

Many residents have not yet arrived to the mountains from their winter residences, but there are more arriving weekly. Any woman who has an established handicap is welcome to join us for play on Tuesdays. For details, contact the Mountain Glen Pro Shop to sign up.

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