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The women players at Mountain Glen Golf Club took on the course Tuesday, Sept. 8, in a game that levels the field, Quota Points. Each golfer aims to earn her point goal or above. Points are scored in the following fashion: bogey is one point, par is two, birdie is four and an eagle will net you eight points. Your quota is tallied by subtracting your handicap from 36 for 18-hole golfers and half that for nine-hole players.

Helen DeMartini and Brenda Wetmore tied for first place by earning +5 over their quota, while Jean Kohler earned second place with +4. Third place finished in a three-way tie, with Carol Milligan, Linda Hanlon and Beth Hill all scoring +2.

In the nine-hole division, Donna Raeburn finished in first place with +1 point and Jerry Emkey came in second with an even score.

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