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AVERY COUNTY — Firefighters and rescue teams are compensated with a combination of public and private funds.


AVERY COUNTY — Avery County was slammed with heavy rain over the weekend, with special note to unexpectedly heavy rains falling on the county …


GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN — A man was airlifted off Grandfather Mountain’s MacRae Peak after an injury left him immobilized on Sunday, May 26.

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AVERY COUNTY — During the late afternoon hours of May 14 there were a pair of fires in portions of the county.


CAREY’S FLAT — A suspicious fire was reported at approximately 1:40 a.m. on Thursday, May 9, at 4676 Edgemonte Road. The fire destroyed the re…

HUGHES — A small truck caught fire and burned on Squirrel Creek Road just before noon on Tuesday, April 23, according to County Assistant Fire…


HEATON — A man was rescued after a tree fell on a track hoe in a logging area near Beatrice Heaton Lane area on the afternoon of April 16.