RALEIGH — North Carolina health officials say there have been a total of 11,509 lab-confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state as of Saturday, May 2, an increase of 586 cases within 24 hours of the previous day's report from NC Dept. of Health and Human Services. The state also reports 420 virus-related deaths, up by 21 from the report of a day earlier.

NCDHHS reports 502 people are currently being hospitalized and 139,475 tests have been completed.

The Raleigh News & Observer newspaper reported that 430 individuals have died from the virus, with 11,579 cases statewide as of 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 2.

The numbers reported by the newspaper, which is compiling the numbers of cases announced by counties throughout the day, vary from the daily reports provided by N.C. DHHS. N.C. DHHS has emphasized that not all people with symptoms of COVID-19 are being tested, and the numbers reported by county and state health departments do not represent the total number of people infected throughout the state.

Nationwide, Johns Hopkins University & Medicine reported that cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have topped the one-million-case mark, reporting 1,115,848 cases as of 1 p.m. on May 2, with 65,298 reported deaths and more than 164,015 individuals reported as having recovered from the virus. 

A total of 139,475 tests had been completed by the N.C. State Laboratory of Public Health and reporting hospitals and commercial labs as of May 2, according to N.C. DHHS.

Avery County has reported no positive tests for COVID-19 as of May 2, one of only two North Carolina counties, along with Yancey County, yet to report a positive test for the virus. According to Toe River Health District, which includes Avery County Health Department, 83 people in Avery County have been tested, with 78 negative results and five tests pending, as of Friday, May 1.

Yancey County reports no positive COVID-19 tests as of May 1, as 103 tests have been administered in the county with 97 negative results and six results pending, according to the Toe River Health District.

“We have two counties that have not received a positive result as of yet. This does not mean there are not positive cases here. This just indicates that no one we have tested is positive nor have we been notified of a positive from another area coming here,” according to Avery County Health Department.

A total of 135 people have been tested in Mitchell County as May 1, with 124 negative results, with six results pending. The county has reported five total positive tests for COVID-19, according to TRHD, with all five cases having recovered.

Watauga County has nine positive tests among residents. The latest case, reported April 29, is in isolation outside of Watauga County and has been during the infectious period that would have posed risk to the Watauga community, according to AppHealthCare, the district health department for Watauga, Ashe and Alleghany counties.

Caldwell County has 34 positive tests as of May 1, while Wilkes County has 59 reported cases and one death, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. Ashe County has five cases, and the newspaper reports McDowell County with 25 cases and one death. Burke County reports 110 cases, with eight deaths in that county attributed to the virus, according to the newspaper.

Statewide, Mecklenburg County has reported the most cases with 1,699. Wake County is reporting 870 cases, and Durham County reports 750.

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