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Mast General Store in Valle Crucis.

VALLE CRUCIS — Mast General Store, based in Valle Crucis announced on Wednesday, May 13, that its stores will reopen in phases.

“The safety and well-being of both our customers and our employees are at the foundation of our plans," said Lisa Cooper, president of the family of stores. “We are reopening in a slow, thoughtful, and measured way to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and safe.”

The reopenings will be based upon several criteria including that re-opening is allowed by state and local regulations, that the store has proper protocols and materials in place, and the organization is confident that it is doing all that can be done to keep employees and guests safe.

As those benchmarks are met, Mast Store will add additional protocols at each location including daily employee health screenings, increased cleaning and sanitizing, required face coverings for employees, social distancing by employees and guests, reduced occupancy, and reduced hours of operation.

Cooper observed, “It will likely require a little more grace and understanding on both sides of the counter, but we hope to maintain the same caring, informed, and welcoming atmosphere that people love and expect when they visit Mast Store.”

Opening dates for Mast Store locations are:

  • May 15 – Boone
  • May 18 – Greenville and Knoxville
  • May 25 – Asheville, Waynesville and Valle Crucis
  • May 28 – Columbia, Hendersonville and Winston-Salem

An opening date for the newest “old” location in Roanoke will be established in the near future.

To learn more about the reopening of the Mast Store and how they are continuing to serve their communities in these unprecedented times, click to or check their social media profiles.

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