Avery County Schools

Avery County Schools will update its graduation and grade level advancement policies to coincide with the NC Board of Education’s and Department of Public Instruction’s decisions regarding the way end-of-the-year grades are finalized during COVID-19.

AVERY COUNTY — Avery County Schools informed students and parents of opportunities to seek out internet connectivity during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a letter disseminated by the system through its website and social media platforms on Wednesday, March 18.

“We wanted to make sure you were all aware of some opportunities available from local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) during this period of school closure. Both Charter Spectrum and SkyBest are offering free installation, setup and 60 days of internet service to households with K-12 students who do not currently have internet,” the system shared. “Additionally, Avery County Schools has activated a public wifi network named ‘ACS-Public’ that is available from most parking areas near each school. The wifi network does not require a passcode to access. The network is filtered at the student level to block inappropriate or prohibited content.”

Included with the post was a link directing readers to a Broadband map provided by the FCC.

“Please be advised that it may not accurately show which ISPs are available to you,” the notice reads. “There are areas in the county where you have a choice between Spectrum and Skybest, areas where you only have one provider bringing internet access to your location, and unfortunately there are still some areas where no service is available. It is best to call and find out for sure.”

To contact Charter Spectrum, call 1 (844) 488-8395, or click to www.spectrum.com.

“Please stay safe during this challenging time, and don’t hesitate to contact your school or the ACS Technology Services department if we can help you or your children,” ACS added.

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