BANNER ELK — The Town of Banner Elk passed a resolution at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 21, consenting to the state of emergency declaration issued the previous day by Avery County due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, according to a media release of the resolution by the town.

The resolution signed by Banner Elk Mayor Brenda Lyerly comes less than 24 hours after Avery County Commissioners passed a resolution declaring a State of Emergency in the county and is in step with the declaration of a State of Emergency for North Carolina by Governor Roy Cooper issued on March 10.

Included in the resolution are sections that snote that the county’s state of emergency declaration “shall apply within the corporate limits of the Town of Banner Elk,” as well as that “emergency restrictions and prohibitions imposed pursuant to the county’s state of emergency declaration shall apply within the Town of Banner Elk unless otherwise declared by an authorized municipal official on behalf of the town.”

Furthermore, the resolution signed by Lyerly and attested by Owen instructs “... all Town of Banner Elk law enforcement officers and employees and all other emergency management personnel subject to our control” to “cooperate in the enforcement and implementation of the provisions of this Declaration, all applicable local ordinances, state and federal laws, and the Town of Banner Elk and Avery County Emergency Operations Plan.”

The resolution concludes that the mayor orders the resolution declaration “be disseminated to news media and outlets to bring its contents to the general public’s attention,” and that “the application of the county’s state of emergency declaration within the corporate limits of the Town of Banner Elk shall remain in effect until further notice.”

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