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Check this page for unofficial Avery County election results as they are reported by precincts tonight. Polls close at 7:30 p.m. These results are for Avery County only and do not include full results for offices that include multiple counties.

(19 out of 19 precincts reporting)

U.S. House of Representatives

-Virginia Foxx: 4,892 votes

-D.D. Adams: 1,534 votes

N.C. State Senate District 46

-Art Sherwood: 1,547 votes

-Warren Daniel: 4,812 votes

N.C. House of Representatives District 85

-Josh Dobson: 4,950 votes

-Howard Larsen: 1,439 votes

District Attorney District 35

-Seth Banks: 5,348 votes

Avery County Board of Commissioners (3 seats)

-Blake Vance: 4,354 votes

-Wood Hall (Woodie) Young, Jr: 4,323 votes

-Dennis Aldridge: 4,505 votes

-Richard (Dick) Crews: 1,647 votes

Avery County Clerk of Superior Court

-Lisa F. Daniels: 5,533 votes

Avery County Sheriff

-Kevin Frye: 4,831 votes

N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 1

-Barbara Jackson: 2,672 votes

-Christopher (Chris) Anglin: 2,068 votes

-Anita Earls: 1,502 votes

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 1

-Andrew T. Heath: 4,742 votes

-John S. Arrowood: 1,540 votes

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 2

-Jefferson G. Griffin: 3,364 votes

-Tobias (Toby) Hampson: 1,405 votes

-Sandra Alice Ray: 1,265 votes

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Seat 3

-Chuck Kitchen: 4,528 votes

-Michael Monaco Sr: 312 votes

-Allegra Katherine Collins: 1,396 votes

N.C. Superior Court Judge District 24 Seat 1

-Gary Gavenus: 5,172 votes

N.C. District Court Judge District 24 Seat 1

-Larry Leake: 2,165 votes

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

-Bill Beuttell: 3,988 votes

-Ann Coleman: 3,429 votes

Write-in: 113 votes

Constitutional amendments


For: 4,814 votes

Against: 1,419 votes

-Victims rights

For: 4,850 votes

Against: 1,328 votes

-Tax rate cap

For: 4,512 votes

Against: 1,706 votes

-Voter photo ID

For: 4,700 votes

Against: 1,602 votes

-Judicial vacancies

For: 2,284 votes

Against: 3,596 votes

-Board of Ethics and Elections

For: 2,684 votes

Against: 3,178 votes

-Avery County Local Sales and Use Tax

For: 2,166 votes

Against: 3,970 votes

NOTE: All vote results are unofficial until county board of elections completes canvassing on Friday, Nov. 16. For more information and a full report, pick up the Nov. 14 print edition of The AJT, or click to www.averyjournal.com.

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