Avery moves at MANNA distribution

Participants got moving during the MANNA food distribution on Thursday, May 14. Pictured from left are Tammie Woodie, Bonnie Clark, Trey Oakley, Dick Larson and Dr. Charles Baker.

LINVILLE — Williams YMCA will be keeping Avery County moving for another week as it continues to keep its virtual race open to participants for the foreseeable future.

Those interested in participating can register online with a minimum donation of $10, and print out a race bib from the Williams YMCA social media page or website. Participants then run, walk, bike or move in any way they can from their home or outdoors.

Proceeds from the event will be used to support local organizations, including Avery County Schools, Feeding Avery Families, Cannon Memorial Hospital, Avery County Senior Center and Williams YMCA of Avery County.

“If somebody wants to participate or didn’t realize it was happening, and they still want to give to one of the organizations, they still can,” Williams YMCA Director of Healthy Living Bonnie Clark said.

The event was held on Saturday, May 16, but will continue as long as individuals continue to participate.

“They can move however they want to,” Clark said. “They can run, they can bike, they can dance, they can walk, they can get out and so something. The donation is any amount they want to give to participate. The goal is to get active and to also bring awareness to what some of the organizations in our county are doing in response to the coronavirus and to raise some money for those organizations.”

Clark said that some of Saturday’s participants got creative with their activities, such as gardening and dog walking. The event has already raised $2,010 and the YMCA continues to receive donations by mail. Clark encourages Avery County to keep moving.

“I know a lot these organizations are still working hard, really hard to serve our community, and that’s what it’s all about. If it did one thing, it was to get people aware of what’s going on in our community because there are some really awesome places that are giving back,” Clark said.

Those who are interested and want to get involved can click to ymcaavery.org/get-involved/donate. Donations can also be emailed to Williams YMCA of Avery County, Attn: Avery Moves! PO Box 707, Linville, NC 28646.

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