Timothy Greene Mitchell County manager

Avery County Finance Officer Timothy Greene will begin his new role as Mitchell County’s county manager on Monday, April 20, 2020.

NEWLAND — Avery County Finance Officer Timothy Greene has officially been appointed by the Mitchell County Board of Commissioners to be the county’s new county manager.

Greene has worked in various capacities in Avery County government for the past 17 years, serving predominantly as the finance director since he was hired in 2003. Greene had briefly served as the interim county manager for Avery in 2014 and again from Jan. 2015 to April 2017.

In 2018, Greene returned to his role as the county’s finance officer after serving as vice president of administrative services at Mayland Community College for a year and a half.

Greene, who is a Mitchell County resident, accepted the offer to serve as county manager two weeks ago after the county’s former manager, Kathy Young, was not reappointed in December.

“I will certainly miss working in Avery County. It feels as much like my home county as my home county does. There’s a lot of great people to work with, there’s good commissioners and I’m certainly going to miss all of that,” Greene said.

Greene holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mars Hill University and has continued his education at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Government over the years. Greene describes the school as a “tremendous resource” where he received his finance officer certificate and studied county administration.

“Mitchell County has things coming up that I feel like I do have experience in. They’re talking about potentially building a jail, a new middle school and a new sheriff’s office. Whether that can all be done or not, it has to go through the budget process, and we have to figure out the finances on that,” Greene added. “Just being part of things like that here in Avery County and the finances of it also, I think I will be able to give them some assistance and be able to help and give guidance.”

Greene begins his tenure as county manager for Mitchell County on April 20, and his current contract is set to expire on June 30, 2023. The contract will be renewable after Greene’s first term is completed.

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