truck logs

The truck and load of logs involved in the Oct. 28 collision.

AVERY COUNTY — On Oct. 27 a four-vehicle crash on U.S. Hwy. 221 near Altamont resulted in minor injuries, followed by a three-vehicle incident the next day also on Hwy. 221 in front of Pineola Inn that resulted in minor injuries and a collision on N.C. 194 on Halloween day that resulted in more severe injuries.

The Oct. 27 incident took place when Heath Carpenter of Spruce Pine failed to reduce speed to stop when another vehicle being driven by Carrie Bohannon of Hendersonville slowed and stopped in the road for another vehicle with a flat tire to pull off the road ahead, according to a N.C. Highway Patrol crash report.

N.C. State Trooper D. Boone said Carpenter was momentarily blinded by the sun when the incident occurred, and within about 20 seconds another vehicle being driven by Summer Miller of Bakersville struck Carpenter’s vehicle from behind, pushing it into the vehicle with a flat tire which was being driven by Richard Guinn of Roan Mountain.

The incident the following day involved a truck hauling a load of logs being driven by Choy Benfield of Marion.

Boone said the load was overweight and Benfield traveled left of center, sideswiping another truck being driven by Timothy Buchanan of Minneapolis.

While this was happening, a third truck being driven by Charles Banner of Newland traveled off the embankment opposite Pineola Inn to avoid the other vehicles.

The incident on Oct. 31 resulted in injury to Julia Cook, an N.C. Department of Corrections employee.

A report for N.C. Highway Patrol said Cheyenne Maham, of Spruce Pine, failed to yield right of way to Cook’s vehicle while turning from N.C. 194 onto U.S. 221.

Avery County Sheriff Kevin Frye said Cook had to undergo surgery to repair a broken ankle that morning after the incident.

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