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Greg Seiz at his last meeting of the Newland Board of Aldermen. Seiz served on the board since 2017 when he was appointed to a vacancy and resigned because he is moving outside of town limits.

NEWLAND — Greg Seiz has stepped down from the Newland Board of Aldermen after revealing he has purchased a home outside of town limits.

Seiz handed his letter of resignation to Mayor Valerie Jaynes at the board’s Feb. 5 meeting, which Jaynes read aloud at the meeting’s conclusion.

The letter read:

“Dear Mayor Jaynes,

It is with regret that I tender my resignation from the Newland Town Board of Aldermen. I have bought a home outside of the city limits and will be moving this month. This resignation will be effective immediately upon receipt of this letter. I am appreciative to have served with you and the board, and wish you all well. I would also encourage the board to look forward to planning and growing the town’s many interests.

Sincerely, Greg Seiz”

Seiz had served on the board since October of 2017, when he was appointed to a vacant seat by the board. Seiz was known for his involvement with the recently defunct Greater Newland Association, a community organization that organized events and promoted the town. Seiz recently encouraged the town to take on some of what the GNA was doing in some capacity.

Board members expressed their thanks to Seiz for his service to the town.

Also at the meeting, Main Street Cruise-In’s Claude Buchanan presented some plaques for this year’s shows and made his annual request for $250 to cover some of the expenses for the shows such as the awards, which are created by Yellow Mountain Enterprises. The car shows have been held for several years and directly benefit Yellow Mountain.

Another motor-related piece of news from the meeting is the newly formed Avery County Motor Club. At the meeting the club’s representative, Bryon Towler, said the intention was not to conflict with Buchanan’s show, and instead host car meets on the last Friday of each month from April through September at the Town Square, and possibly host poker runs which could raise money for locals in need and direct business into the area.

Towler did not request any funding from the board and only sought the town’s support.

In other news: County Manager Philip Barrier presented to the board briefly about the strategic plan he is assembling for the county with the help of municipalities and directed the board to where they could submit suggestions. Barrier has been to several other meetings of municipal governments in recent weeks to give similar presentations.

  • During her report to the board, Finance Officer Lise Meinhardt noted the budget is on track but some monies have had to be moved between line items.

The next meeting of Newland Board of Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5, at Newland Town Hall.

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