The Sasquatch statue in question was removed from outside Mountaineer Landscaping in Linville.

LINVILLE — A 180-pound Bigfoot statue that was stolen from in front of Mountaineer Landscaping sometime between the evening of Aug. 23 and the morning of Aug. 24 is still missing as of press time.

Avery County Sheriff’s Office put out a notice on its Facebook page calling for help from the community to locate the missing Sasquatch shortly after it went missing.

Avery County Sheriff Kevin Frye said ACSO is following up on leads about the missing statue.

Frye said the owner does not want to press charges if the statue is returned unharmed, but if the culprits are caught with the statue there would be felony charges involved.

Frye said there have been some wooden sculptures stolen in the past.

“This is the first Sasquatch,” Frye said. “It’s normally bears and stuff like that.”

Mountaineer Landscaping Store Manager Glenna Ollis said there have been no leads on what happened to the statue, but noted there was a rumor the statue might make an appearance for Appalachian State’s first home football game of the season on Aug. 31, though that did not take place.

Whoever stole the statue was prepared. Ollis said the $1,500 wholesale value statue was bolted down, so tools would have been needed to remove it.

Ollis said the statue is insured and the business has been exploring ordering another statue.

“We were hoping it would turn back up this weekend,” Ollis said.

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