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A woman who recently lost her phone and wallet in Newland said she received both back from a stranger who returned them in the same condition that they were found.

NEWLAND — It is a story not too uncommon to many people in Avery County, but for folks who live in areas like Charlotte or Raleigh, the ending to the tale would expectedly be quite different.

On Friday, Sept. 18, Jonnie McBryde, a part-time resident who spends her summers in Jonas Ridge, was enjoying her weekly stroll on the Riverwalk in Newland while her husband was volunteering at Feeding Avery Families. Once he finished, the couple took a quick trip to the grocery store and afterward McBryde suddenly realized that something was missing.

“We got a mile up the road, and I realized I didn’t have my phone. So my husband stopped me, he was behind me, and we called my phone. This woman answered, and she said, ‘Is this Jonnie?’” McBryde said.

The woman was having lunch at Riverwalk Pizza and confirmed to Jonnie that they did in fact have her phone. The couple quickly turned around and met the couple at the restaurant to retrieve the lost device.

“Her husband got out of the car, and they were local, and he said, ‘I’m glad you called.’ Then he handed me my phone. Basically, that was it. She had gone through my purse, and there were five dollars in there. That’s how she knew my name, because it had credit cards, debits cards, all kinds of stuff in it, but nothing had been disturbed,” McBryde said.

McBryde is from Mecklenburg County and knows all too well that if she had a similar experience back home, the result would have likely ended completely differently.

“I didn’t get their names because he just handed it and turned around. They were on a time constraint, and on the way home I realized I didn’t get their name. Then I thought, ‘Maybe they’ll read it (in the paper),’” McBryde said.

McBryde sends her gratitude to whoever is out there that returned her cell phone with her credit cards, money and information intact.

“Honest people live in Avery County,” McBryde said.

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