crossnore auditorium

ACHS drama students playing to a packed house in the Crossnore Auditorium on Nov. 23 for ‘An Evening of Love’ to raise funds for ACHS teacher Shannon Perdue.

CROSSNORE — Avery County High School came together to hold “An Evening of Love,” a fundraiser and outpouring of support for ACHS English teacher and drama advisor Shannon Perdue.

Perdue is awaiting a kidney transplant while still teaching at the high school, and the event was organized to fundraise for Perdue and show support from the high school.

The event at Crossnore School and Children School’s auditorium featured an auction and a variety show with performances by students. Perdue attended the show.

“It’s hard for me,” Perdue said. “I guess it’s hard for anyone to receive that kind of attention.”

Perdue found out she would need a transplant in May. She is still waiting for a donor. She was initially told it would be a low-key night featuring students in the drama program, but suddenly the other performing arts programs at the school wanted to join. The auditorium was packed.

“It was special,” Perdue said.

Perdue noted the biggest surprise was former students who came back to be part of the event.

“I was in a bit of a shock,” Perdue said. “I wasn’t expecting something that big.”

Perdue tearfully added that she is so blessed to live in Avery County.

“It hasn’t quite worked out, but so many people have called and tried to be a donor,” Perdue said, adding many people have called her to offer to help.

Perdue said she is thankful she is still able to teach and thanked God for how well she is doing.

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