Ben Franklin ad

Holiday gift ideas from the Ben Franklin adorn the pages of the Dec. 3, 1970, edition of The Avery Journal.

From our newspaper archives:

50 years ago: The Dec. 3, 1970, edition of The AJT featured an article entitled “Dr. Robinson joins Dr. Ramsey here.” Dr. Barry W. Ramey announces that Dr. John F. Robinson will become an associate in his optometric practice in Newland. Dr. Robinson is a 1964 graduate of Furman University in Greenville, SC. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1968. During the past two years Dr. Robinson has served as chief of optometry with Noble Army Hospital in Ft. McClellan, Ala. In September, Dr. Robinson opened practice at 105 Appalachian Street in Boone, NC. Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Robinson are changing the hours of their office in Newland. The office will be open on Thursday from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. and Thursday evening by appointment. The office was previously open on Saturday.

40 years ago: The Dec. 4, 1980, edition of The AJT featured an article entitled “Requiem for a fine old lady.” Artisans hands-fitted her bricks together, chestnut and care supported her stature. In 1923 she was a high-rise of her time, the year she opened her doors to receive and to nurture many hundreds of Avery County children eager for knowledge and eager for life. She was new and she was proud and she expected to stand forever in stately grace. She will stand forever through the offspring of those she held near in their learning years, Through grammar school and high school she housed “her children.” Her walls echo with the voices of many reciting their tables struggling with dangling participles; she echoes with the mirth of basketball winners; she remembers with pride those who fought for their country. To stroll down her halls at the end of the day one can almost hear the old lady say, “Good Job. Well done. I’m proud of my children.” She sent forth many students as lawyers, doctors, educators, senators, accountants, merchants, mothers and fathers, all instilled with fervor and with pride, and mountain people proud of their heritage, proud of their country, state and county. Most have remained in the shadow she cast to serve as did she mankind to their best.

30 years ago: The Dec. 6, 1990, edition of The AJT featured the article “Littlejohn and Shomaker attend conference.” Dr. Mark Littlejohn, radiologist at Cannon Memorial Hospital and Mike Shomaker, nuclear medicine technologist, recently attended the annual meeting of the Southeastern Chapter of the Nuclear Medicine Society held in Savannah, Ga. Shomaker, employed as a nuclear medicine specialist Cannon Memorial for 12 years, stated, “The conference was especially helpful in familiarizing us with new nuclear medicine scanning procedures and techniques for the future.”

20 years ago: The Dec, 7, 2000, edition of The AJT featured an article entitled, “Johnson home with a new heart.” Local attorney Kelly Johnson will be spending Christmas with his family, thanks to a successful heart transplant. After eight months of waiting at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC, Johnson received a new heart on Nov. 13 and is recuperating at his home in Montezuma, His family said he is in high spirits. Surrounded by family members, Johnson recounted his recent travails waiting for a heart, going through the difficult transplant surgery and what lies beyond. Seated in the living room recliner with a heart-shaped pillow across his lap, he watched his infant grandson scamper about on little feet. His wife, Sue, son, Jamie, daughter, Paula, and daughter-in-law, Susan, assist him, taking care of his needs while he recovers. “They’ve been really supportive,” said Johnson. Among their many tasks are making sure Johnson takes his medication, in 18 varieties, to prevent his body from rejecting the transplanted heart and to ward off potential complications.

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