Centre Theatre advertisement

The Oct. 16, 1969, edition of The Avery Journal featured the showings at Center Theatre in Banner Elk, which included the classic film “Bonnie and Clyde” and the psychological thriller “Paranoia.”

From our newspaper archives:

50 years ago: The Oct. 16, 1969, edition of The AJT featured the story entitled “Carpenters and bricklayers train at Avery High.” Vocational training is relatively new as we know it today. In the 1700s an Apprentice Carpenter was indentured by a contract to his master 24 hours a day for 12 years, and if his master did not think he was qualified at the end of this period, he was turned back for 12 more years. Thanks to some forward-looking and responsible-thinking people in Avery County when Avery County High School was in the planning stage, we now have our vocation training program in the trades and Industry.

The next time you see a good carpenter, ask him how long it took him to learn the trade and they will tell you that it required four to six years: and if you can find a bricklayer, he will tell you the same. This program is aimed at the non-college boy. We can train this young man in a trade that he can follow up after he has completed high school, and he can then provide a better livelihood for himself and family.

40 years ago: The Oct. 18 1979, edition of The AJT featured a photo of the Beech Mountain kindergarten class. Pictured is Michael Estep, Jake Storey, Nadine Ward, Dean Jones, Spencer Dyer, David Warren, Shawn Ward, Norma Roark, Shane Jones, Kim Guy, Jason Jones and Kevin Jones, with teacher Sharon Morris and teacher’s aide Lay Trivette.

30 years ago: The Oct. 19, 1989, edition of The AJT featured “Aldridge seeks second term as Newland Mayor.” Mike Aldridge has announced he is seeking his second term as mayor of Newland. The owner of Aldridge Trucking in Newland, Aldridge is a member of Linville Masonic Lodge 489, where he was Past Master. He is a native of Avery County and was educated in the Avery County school system. Aldridge is married to the former Martha Johnson of Spanish Oak and they have two daughters, Angela and Chrissy.

20 years ago: The Oct. 14, 1999, edition of The AJT featured a photo entitled “The Winning Worm.” Sherry Lawson of Richmond, Va., was the big winner of the Woolly Worm races on Saturday at the 22nd Annual Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk. Sherry’s champion caterpillar, “Skiddy,” was marked with five black bands on the front then five brown bands in the middle, and three more black banks on the rear, which inspired an official festival forecast for cold, snowy, weather during the first five weeks and final three weeks of winter.

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