Avery Co. Livestock Market

An advertisement in the Aug. 7, 1969, edition of The AJT for the Avery County Livestock Market.

From our newspaper archives:

50 years ago: The Aug. 7, 1969, edition of The AJT featured “Crossnore Town Fathers Plan Improvements.” Mayor Harold Moldenhauer and members of the Crossnore Board of Aldermen discuss plans for a new water system for the town and the extension of the sewer line to residents of the Hughes Road section. Other members of the recently elected board are Harold Henson, Dr. Emma Fink, Corbett Johnson Jr. and Olson Pemberton. The fifth alderman, Edgar Edward, was absent when the meeting took place.

Mr. Moldenhauer served the town as mayor for several terms back during the 1950s and made the first contacts with government agencies in securing the town’s sewage disposal plant. Dr. Fink and Harold Henson are holdovers for the previous board of aldermen. The new administration has employed Mr. Jack Harrington of Altamont as town clerk and treasurer. Harrington is a certified public accountant. Mr. Obie Johnson has been employed as sewer and water superintendent, having served in this capacity for many years when Crossnore School, Inc. owned the water system and cared for the town’s sewer system.

40 years ago: The Aug. 2, 1979, edition of The AJT featured the story “Marijuana Crop Unaffected by Rain.” Although Avery County has been declared a disaster area by the FHA because of the excessive rainfall that has damaged tobacco and other crops, there is one crop that has actually flourished during Avery’s monsoon season: marijuana, that five-pronged weed which is widely smoked, despite the fact that is still illegal in NC and most states. Growers plant it in the woods or near tall patches of weeds so it will thrive unnoticed by those who are not familiar with it. Avery County law officers prefer to destroy the plants rather than stake them out and catch the growers. Sheriff J.D. Braswell stated last Friday while harvesting a crop just off 221 that “We take them to court and unless they have a deed to the land they are using to grow it on, the judge is just as apt to throw the case out.” Sheriff Braswell, aided by Deputy Stewart Buchanan and mountain man Jerry Ingram, pulled up 267 plants Thursday, many of them over six-feet high by Buchanan’s observation.

30 years ago: The Aug. 3, 1989, edition of The AJT featured the story “LMC Employee of the Month Named.” Margie Church Revis, a secretary to the Director of the Development and Alumni Affairs at Lees- McRae College, has been recognized as “Employee of the Month” for August, according to an announcement made by President Bradford L. Crain. Mrs. Revis, currently in her fifth year at the Banner Elk college, graduated from Avery County High School and is attending Mayland Community College where she is enrolled in the medical secretary program. She married Greg Revis on May 6, 1989, and they reside in Crossnore. She is the daughter of Jesse and Magdalene Church of Heaton. Mrs. Revis drew praise from Dr. Crain.

“Margie Revis represents the best of what Lees McRae is: Diligent in her work, helpful to everyone who asks her help, gracious in all she does. Margie is a special lady, well deserving of the recognition she has received.”

20 years ago: The Aug. 5, 1999, edition of The AJT featured the story “A Fungus Among Us.” Mushrooms were seized and a couple were charged with felonies. Ed Williams of the Avery County Sheriff’s Department charged a couple with several drug felonies after seizing 4.25 ounces of Psilocybin mushrooms Friday night. The charges were brought as a result of a routine road check on Highway 321 near old Beech Mountain Friday night. “Folks in Old Beech felt neglected by the Sheriff’s Department.” Sheriff Richard Buchanan said, “So, we’ve been trying to provide better law enforcement for them.”

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