Avery Mountain Cloggers

An image of the Avery High Mountain Cloggers from the Sept. 6, 1979, edition of The AJT. Pictured are Mrs. Kay Wilkins’ student couples (l to r) Suehonor hamby, Ricky Winters, Karen Bare, Joe LaBarbera, Anne Avery, Randy Grindstaff, Laura Wise, Scott Ollis, Carolyn Perry, Rodger Banner, Sharon Hughes, Joe Horney, Mary Ann Pritchard, Kick Gilmer, Sara Massee and Tim Winters.

From our newspaper archives:

50 years ago: The Sept. 4, 1969, edition of The AJT featured the story entitled “Beer-Wine Referendum defeated here Tuesday.” In the largest voter turnout here in recent history, Newland residents defeated a referendum to permit the sale of beer and wine by a vote of 129 against and 66 for. One hundred and ninety-five residents voted out of a possible 223 that were registered. The last municipal election was held May 6, 1969, when the town board was elected. Only 30 residents voted. The former board ran without opposition.

40 years ago: The Sept. 6, 1979, edition of The AJT featured the photo “Riverside Kindergarten.” Pictured on the bottom row (l to r) were Wesley Allen Jones, Kevin McClellan, Wanda Ingram, Amy Fulbright, Carla Marie Woody, and Harry Gardner. Pictured on the second row were Cathy McClellan, Corey Pittman, Misty Hughes, Scotty Roland, Raymond Crowder, and Christy Beers. Pictured on the third row were Chris Haynes, Meredith Calloway, Linda Ledford, Jolene Carpenter, Michelle Steffey and Donna Dellinger. Pictured on the fourth row are teacher Miss Debbie Oaks, Richard Taylor, Shannon Greene, April Pittman, Neal Moody, Grantley Hoilman, Roger Darrell Jackson, Jimmy Jo Dellinger, Jesse Crowder and teacher’s aide Kathy Biggerstaff.

30 years ago: The Sept. 7, 1989, edition of The AJT featured the story “6th Brad King Bowl to benefit Dana Blackburn.” The 6th Annual Brad King Bowl was held Sept. 26 on the Cranberry Field with proceeds going to Dana Blackburn of Newland. The Cranberry Wildcats will play the Avery Middle School in a game that promises to be as exciting as it is beneficial. 12-year-old Little Leaguer Brad King was an avid ball player who fell victim to cancer and died in July of 1983. As a memorial to the brave youngster, and to benefit other young cancer victims, Robert Taylor coordinated the annual Brad King Bowl. This year’s recipient of the proceeds, Dana Blackburn of Newland, discovered he had cancer in June of this year. Dana graduated from Avery High School last spring.

20 years ago: The Sept 2, 1999, edition of The AJT featured “Man arrested after wielding bat in Clerk of Court’s Office.” Avery County Clerk of Court Robert Taylor was forced to close his office door to the public after a man wielding a bat and making threats walked in his office last week.Taylor said Harry Lowman, 29, of Linville, came into the courthouse with what appeared to be a homemade locust bat, angry because he claimed Bud Trice owed him money and the clerk’s office wouldn’t collect it.

“It appeared to be a large homemade locust club,” Taylor stated, similar to the one legendary Tennessee Sheriff Buford Pusser carried. “I really regret having to close the door to my office,” Taylor said. “I always promised the people that my door would be open and now I am forced to close it and let the public come through a computerized door by the front desk. While the majority of people are amicable, there is an element who become irate over their court date, paying fines, etc. and vent their ire on us. They have used abusive and profane language toward my female employees, which I will no longer allow. My employees and I are court officials, and anyone attempting to harass or abuse us are subject to being arrested.”

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