Elk Park Town Hall

Aldermen met at Elk Park Town Hall to discuss ordinance and other town issues on January 4.

ELK PARK — During an abbreviated meeting on Monday, Jan. 4, Elk Park Board of Aldermen looked at a pair of topics to address.

The town noted the need to provide new signage at the top of Reservoir Hill Road. The street does not have an outlet, and Alderman Mike Smith brought up the issue that he had received complaints from residents that people have been parking in the road at locations where residents are having difficulty accessing their home driveways or parking spaces. Following a period of discussion, the board agreed to take signage action in an attempt to alleviate the issue.

The board reported that it had not been able to act on a letter sent and reported at last month’s meeting from Michael Meksraitis from Florida, who owns a second home in the Woodland Hills subdivision of Elk Park. Meksraitis had lauded the board on its efforts in attempting to clean up the town, and had included photos with the letter of lots that are within his subdivision and also within town limits that appeared to be dilapidated and may qualify under the nuisance ordinance enforcement provision.

The nuisance ordinance committee had agreed to tour the area in question and determine whether the town would need to pursue any recourse in the matter, but due to health concerns and scheduling conflicts, the committee has been unable to take up the matter and agreed to attempt to look into the areas in question prior to the next board meeting.

In other news and notes:

  • The town has received an estimate for the construction of a new picnic shelter at Winters Town Park as the town continues to look into ways to further enhance the popular destination for families and events.
  • The board moved to purchase a new heater for the sewer plant located on Elk River Road, and also intends to change the plant’s internet setup for its operation to Spectrum/Charter, as well as utilize that company for its Cranberry tank location.

The next meeting of Elk Park Board of Aldermen will take place at 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, at Elk Park Town Hall.

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