Edward Phifer

Edward Phifer 

Democrat Edward Phifer seeks to represent the values, needs and goals of the people of NC District 46 which is comprised of Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties in the tradition of generations of his family who have lived in Burke County and served their community, state and country guided by the goals of improving the health, education and job opportunities for their fellow citizens.

Phifer attended UNC-Chapel Hill, served two years in the US Navy and graduated from Appalachian State University before beginning his business career. He is married to Rebecca Phifer, graduate of The Ohio State University and UNC-CH School of Law and practiced law in various public and private positions before retiring as a State Magistrate in Burke County. They share a son, Justin McLear.

Following graduation, Phifer joined Hardwoods of Morganton, a lumber brokerage firm for 14 years before accepting a position at Henredon Furniture Co. for 10 years and attending Wake Forest School of Business during the last couple of years. He then joined John Jokinen, Joseph Manderson and others to form EJ Victor Furniture Company and worked hard to keep jobs in western NC during the flight of manufacturing businesses to Asia. He remains on their board of directors following his retirement several years ago and started Phifer Lumber Co. to remain active in business and community affairs.

During his years in business he represented the people of Burke County in many capacities by serving Burke County Commissioner for four years, serving on many boards such as Grace Hospital Board of Trustees and its Foundation Board, Western Piedmont Foundation Board, his church board of deacons and the NC Area Board of Mental Health. He actively contributed as a member and supporter of many other community endeavors.

Phifer strongly supports NC family values of striving for high-quality health care by expanding Medicaid, providing high-quality public education by increasing funding and policies to support good teachers and facilities for students, and expanding high-quality employment opportunities for all NC citizens.

Regarding issues of public safety, Phifer is a gun owner and recreational hunter and supports Second Amendment rights and believes that the safety of the public and our law enforcement officers requires responsible and enforceable gun laws.

Phifer's family instilled in him by example the value of public service and this legacy goes as far back as his fourth great grandfather, Waightstill Avery, a colonel in the Revolutionary War, first Attorney General of North Carolina and for whom Avery County was named when it was established in 1911.

Edward Phifer wants to makes the lives of his neighbors in District 46 better. For more information, email campaign manager Marley Honea at electedwardphifer4ncsenate@gmail.com.

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