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Elk Park Board of Aldermen addressed multiple infrastructure projects during its latest meeting on Feb. 8 at Town Hall.

ELK PARK — Elk Park Board of Aldermen reviewed several upcoming repair projects under consideration during its latest meeting on Monday, Feb. 8.

The board is moving forward with the construction project on the picnic shelters at Winters Town Park, enclosing the roof on the shelters to prevent habitation by birds that has caused issues with the shelters over the past couple of years. The town announced it would be having tongue-and-groove installation performed under the roofs, with Bear Creek Construction hired to perform the project, with the hope that the project can be completed by spring once the town finalizes the quote with the contractor and weather allows for the project to get under way.

Projects from outside the town hall regarding town service offerings were also discussed. Town maintenance staff reported to the board that a new heater has been installed for the town’s sewer plant, and that staff is waiting on representatives from Charlotte to come to finish work on control valves for the Cranberry tank which serve to regulate when to increase and shut off water levels within the tank.

Also among the infrastructure concerns addressed by the board at the meeting included the lift station at Cranberry, located adjacent to Hwy. 19E off Substation Road. Maintenance staff report that a panel board, which has been housed with plywood, is in disrepair and in need of replacement. The town discussed potential ways to replace the control panel while ensuring that it remains in working order for the foreseeable future through some sort of shed or roof protection. In addition, the well house at Well No. 2 below town was discussed. The block structure housing the well located on Leon Holder Lane is in need of replacement in the near future, as the structure dates back decades and has decayed over time.

The town also moved to fill a parcel of land owned by town on Reservoir Hill where the town’s holding tank used to sit decades ago. The space now is a small hole in need of attention to prevent any unnecessary injury from children who may be around the site. The town additionally has purchased “No Parking” signage for Reservoir Hill Road in regard to vehicles parking in the road that is preventing residents from parking at driveways on the street.

In other news and notes:

  • Dean Hagie spoke during public comment with the board, detailing that he was purchasing the motel behind the Elk River Depot Restaurant (formerly known as Time Square Diner), and is converting the former lodging property into 10 housing units, wishing to ensure that he could have water and sewer service to the individual units on the site from the town before proceeding with the project, which the town confirmed.
  • Town attorney Butch Hughes has sent letters to Tommy McKinney and Danny Buchanan about cleaning up their properties to adhere to the town nuisance ordinance policy, giving a deadline by Feb. 28 to do so. According to the letter, failure to comply will result in town maintenance being instructed to clean up the sites at the cost of said removal with potential lien on property by foreclosure and sale of same property. The committee noted that they have observed additional properties that will be contacted in coming days regarding the need to clean up their property within town.
  • The board directed Police Chief Mike Ellenburg to look into vehicles that are left parked on Main Street that possess tags that are no longer active to determine ownership and potential moving of the vehicles.
  • During the most recent winter storm over the weekend, town maintenance staff was unable to push snow from town streets due to a malfunction of the snowplow. Staff determined the problem was with the handheld controller and has since been replaced with the plow back in operation.
  • The town has purchased a skid unit from Elk Park Fire Department, which will be adapted by the town with a jetter nozzle in order to utilize the unit as a high-pressure water jetter to assist with cleaning sewer lines and manholes. The purchase will prevent the town from having to borrow the equipment from another municipality or from having to rent the equipment when need arises.

The next meeting of Elk Park Board of Aldermen is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday, March 1, at Elk Park Town Hall.

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