Elk Park Town Hall

The front facade of Elk Park Town Hall.

ELK PARK — The Elk Park Board of Aldermen discussed multiple noncompliance issues with the town’s nuisance ordinance, while town landowner Elaine Crane spoke with the board during its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 1, to discuss the town’s ongoing pursuit of seeking ordinance compliance from a tenant on her property.

Crane shared with the board that she owned property which includes a lot and residence rented by Tommy McKinney. The town has made multiple efforts to request that McKinney comply with the ordinance, as the town’s nuisance committee has noted repeated ordinance violations of garbage and debris at the residence at 625 Old Mill Road. Crane added that McKinney was behind on paying rent and had not made efforts to reconcile, and she inquired what action the board is taking regarding the property and violations.

Following a period of discussion, the board responded that due to noncompliance to the town’s nuisance ordinance, that Elk Park Police Chief Mike Ellenburg would be instructed to issue a $100 fine to McKinney, adding that if the fine was not paid, that the matter would be turned over to town attorney Butch Hughes for legal proceedings to get under way.

The board also addressed an issue regarding a resident who had not paid their entire water bill and reconnect fee. The resident had paid a partial amount for the bill, but since the payment was not made in full, the town would not provide a reconnection.

According to the mayor and town clerk, the resident left harassing voicemails at the town hall regarding the matter, then proceeded to cut the lock on the water meter and turned the water back on. Mayor Boone reported that he was able to contact the resident and inform them that tampering with town property was unlawful, and that the resident would be incurred an additional charge of $125 for the actions, along with paying the remainder of the delinquent water charges.

During discussion of the incident, the board discussed stricter adherence to the ordinance, and whether the town had to continually deal with not just repeated issues with this customer, but also whether or not the town should offer the privilege of water services to those customers who prove to be ongoing and repeated delinquents.

In other news and notes:

  • Mayor Boone reported that he is going to order a pair of signs prohibiting engine brake compression noise within town limits, but upon further review the town will likely need a public hearing and ordinance amendment passed to legally proceed with the action. Boone also reported that Burleson Paving had not had the opportunity during the previous month to come to the town to take care of the scheduled paving projects. Boone added that he would also look into pricing for new “Welcome to Elk Park” signage on Hwy. 19E.
  • The town park was scheduled for reopening at the end of the week, and the town has scheduled a movie event in Winters Town Park. The film “Scoob” will be shown at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11, at the park, with social distancing and health protocols strictly enforced.
  • The town announced a pair of additional events later in the year. Elk Park will host a Halloween event in the park on October 31, inviting the community to come and set up booths to give away candy in the park setting. The board encouraged local churches, residents and businesses to attend and participate, and there will be costume contests for various age groups. The board also announced a Christmas parade will take place in town on November 20, with an inclement weather date of November 21. Following the parade, all are invited to come to the park for the town’s tree lighting festivities that will include Santa Claus. Churches and other groups are invited to sing and participate in the event.

The next meeting of Elk Park Board of Aldermen will take place at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 5, at Elk Park Town Hall.

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