Banner Elk Mayor Brenda Lyerly reads from a declaration designating Aug. 30 and 31 as “Christmas in August” for the town, as councilmen Robert Tufts (left) and Mike Dunn read along.

BANNER ELK — The continued discussion of the potential addition of a recreational vehicle park was the main topic of conversation during Banner Elk’s regularly scheduled town council meeting on Monday, Aug. 12. The approval of the construction of the park has not been confirmed but “it sounds like something that will be accomplished,” said Councilman Mike Dunn.

If the creation of the park comes to fruition, it will in all likelihood be located off Banner Creek Road, according to Zoning Administrator Cheryl Buchanan.

The members of the town council debated the pros and cons of paving the roads of the park or leaving them as gravel.

“Gravel wears down after time,” Councilman Allen Bolick said. “If we are going to put the effort in to create the park, then we should make it look as nice as possible.”

One of the benefits mentioned of a paved road as opposed to gravel is that it is much easier to clear snow off of pavement, which is especially important when considering that the vehicles traversing these roads are the largest recreational vehicles available.

The discussion ended with all council members advocating for paved roads, with the exception of Dunn.

“I’d like to go on record to say that I intend to vote ‘nay’ on the pavement,” said Dunn. “Because forcing a business owner to pave the access to his property could open a can of worms to other business owners in town that don’t have paved roads into their establishments. I’m concerned this is going to start the ball rolling to force everybody to incur the cost of paving. I understand the aesthetics and everything else, but I’m standing up for those that don’t have paved access to their businesses.”

In additional news, Banner Elk Mayor Brenda Lyerly read a declaration to the council members and the audience in attendance, designating Aug. 30 and 31 as “Christmas in August” in Banner Elk.

“The talented Snowbelles will perform in Hayes Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 31. Lees-McRae’s Janet Speer is set to perform the first act of a new performance on Saturday Aug. 31, in Hayes Auditorium. Christmas Eve dinner will be served at Sorrento’s in Banner Elk on Saturday, Aug. 31, with reservations. The clock tower at the Corner on Main Street will play Christmas music on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 30 and 31. Artists at the Art on the Greene will have Christmas items available for sale on Saturday, Aug. 31. Christmas trees will be displayed around town on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 30 and 31. And therefore I, Brenda Lyerly, Mayor of the Town of Banner Elk, do hereby declare Aug. 30 and 31 as “Christmas in August” in the Town of Banner Elk, and encourage all citizens to join me in this special observance.”

The next meeting of Banner Elk Town Council will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 9, at Banner Elk Town Hall.

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