Halloween bags

Elk Park Aldermen Tony Eller and Tommy Norman look over Halloween bags that are planned to be distributed by the town to children at Winters Town Park during the town’s Halloween event on Saturday, Oct. 30.

ELK PARK — Elk Park Board of Aldermen made plans for upcoming Halloween and Christmas events, as well as evaluated a number of road paving and maintenance projects around town during its Tuesday, Sept. 7, meeting.

Discussion on the paving of town streets was debated by the board, as aldermen looked to make a determination on who to hire for the paving needs around the town. The town had received estimates from Mike Nelson, as well as from Todd Burleson for the project.

Maintenance staff informed the board that they had explained and shown locations to both companies for what was needed, with both companies offering estimates within a narrow range of each other. Following a period of discussion, the board unanimously moved to offer the project to Burleson, with the understanding and agreement that the project must be completed within a specific time frame, preferably a 30-day time frame.

The board also discussed painting of a portion of the sidewalk on the Lower Street area of town, with town maintenance staff agreeing to take care of the project within the week. Additionally, the issue of signs on the fence at Winters Town Park was revisited, and that a couple of incidents had recently occurred at the park, one of which involved damage to a portion of the fence near the basketball goals, and a separate incident involving a dog which had been allowed to roam loosely in the park.

Mayor Daniel Boone noted that board needs to come to a consensus on what exactly needs to be communicated on the signs, citing whether verbiage should be included in relation to bicycles, skateboards and other items in the park. Each board member agreed to bring a specific list of information that they would like to see included on the fence signs, and that the group will finalize the language for the signs at its October meeting.

Aldermen also discussed plans for upcoming holiday events in town, including Halloween and the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. The board moved to schedule the town’s Halloween community event at the park from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30, and that individuals, businesses, and churches are encouraged to take part in the event and bring candy to distribute to kids for the event. The staff will be setting up the venue prior to the event, and that a costume contest will again take place this year. For contestants to take part in the costume contest, they must be present at the park prior to the beginning of the event.

As well, the town also set a tentative date of Saturday, Dec. 4, for its holiday/Christmas parade. The parade will begin at 5 p.m., with lineup at 4:30 p.m. at the former Country House restaurant.

In other news and notes:

  • The board approved purchase of 1,700 to 1,800 tons of salt at the cost of $2,500 for road and street maintenance for the upcoming winter season.
  • It was announced that the town had received half of its grant funding from the American Rescue Plan in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The town will be receiving a total of $141,000 which must be used for infrastructure-related products. The town indicated that it will be seeking out repairs needed at one of its wells, as well as infrastructure work with the sewer plant and at the Cranberry lift station which would qualify for the funding to be utilized.

Aldermen discussed the town’s pay scale for part-time policemen who assist with patrolling the town. The town was currently paying $12/hour, but Mayor Boone noted that in the past, the town had actually paid a rate of $15/hour. The board discussed the difficulty of getting part-time help with policing due to the low per hour rate. Following discussion, the board unanimously approved to raise its hourly rate for part-time police officers to $15/hour, and that Mayor Boone would speak with Elk Park Chief Mike Ellenburg about helping to spread the word to prospective colleagues who may have interest in additional part-time work for the town.

  • The board revisited its nuisance ordinance and residences that have been brought to the town’s attention regarding noncompliance. Aldermen noted that there had been improvement in some locations, including the Tolley’s Florist location at the intersection of Hwy. 19E and Little Elk Road, but also noted the need for the nuisance committee to travel to additional locations to determine if additional letters or legal action may be necessary at residences of chronic noncompliance.

The next regular monthly meeting of the Elk Park Board of Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 4, at Elk Park Town Hall on Winters Street.

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