Elk Park Town Clerk Connie Guinn and Mayor Daniel Boone discuss plans for Halloween.

ELK PARK — Elk Park’s regularly scheduled Board of Aldermen meeting on Monday, Aug. 5, focused primarily on looking ahead to the holidays of Halloween and 2020’s Independence day.

The mayor and aldermen discussed the potential of hosting Halloween festivities on Main Street if enough interest is shown. No plans for this year’s Halloween were set in stone, but the board members took the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another.

“Keep Halloween in your mind,” Elk Park Mayor Daniel Boone said to the Aldermen. “Think of some potential ideas and we’ll make a plan at our next meeting.”

Some of the ideas offered during the meeting were involving businesses on Main Street taking part in the festivities so that trick-or-treaters could stroll down the street, gather candy and potentially participate in some games and activities. Tentative plans to show a Halloween movie in the park behind town hall were also mentioned.

In 2020, Independence day will fall on a Saturday. The board decided that Elk Park will host Independence Day celebrations on Friday, July 3, as most towns in the High Country will choose Saturday to hold their celebrations.

“This year’s event was great,” Alderman Brad Benfield said. “We had almost 500 people show up to the barbecue.”

The meeting closed with Mayor Boone discussing the replacement of the three grills in the park behind town hall. “We’re replacing those rusted and awful grills with two new ones that are much bigger and better,” said Boone. The grills will cost $195 each.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Aldermen meeting will take place at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept 3, rather than the scheduled first Monday meeting, due to the Labor Day holiday.

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