Tyler Boone shows sewer part

Town employee Tyler Boone shows a metal-bolt pressure relief part for the blower within the town’s sewer system to town aldermen Brad Benfield and Mike Smith. Boone explained how the part often malfunctioned and asked the board to purchase a spring- and weight-loaded pressure relief part used by the town in the past that was significantly more durable.

ELK PARK — Citizens in Elk Park will have a safe, free and family friendly event this Halloween to participate in, load their bags with goodies and even screen a holiday-themed movie.

At its Sept. 9 meeting, the Elk Park Board of Aldermen discussed and agreed to host an event entitled “Halloween at the Park” at Winters Town Park from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31. As part of the event, residents and groups will be invited to set up canopies or tables to give away candy and Halloween-related fare to attending children and families. As well, the town will be offering a free viewing of the film “Hocus Pocus” at the John Boone Pavilion. Mayor Daniel Boone noted that the event would be weather permitting, and suggested that the event could be pushed back to the following Thursday should the weather refuse to cooperate.

Town employee Tyler Boone addressed the board with an item in relation to the John Boone Memorial Pavilion, noting that he had personally purchased a new cast-bronze identification sign for display at the pavilion at a cost of approximately $1,300. T. Boone explained his concern over whether the current sign would be replaced by a future board who did not know of the service of his father and Elk Park mayor who passed away unexpectedly in May 2018.

T. Boone asked the board if they would wish to partner with him in committing to pay a portion of the cost for the sign. Multiple aldermen spoke of their fondness of the former mayor and of his passion for the park, noting that the pavilion had been built using memorial fund donations and the town did not invest funding in the project. Following discussion, the board moved to pay for the full cost for the purchase of the sign.

In other news and notes:

  • The board approved a Memorandum of Transportation Agreement for Involuntary Commitments. The memorandum is required by North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S.) §122C-251, Custody and Transportation for Involuntary Commitments, was amended and is effective Oct. 1, 2019, requiring the governing body of a city or county adopt a plan known as an “involuntary commitment transportation agreement” or “transportation agreement” for the custody and transportation of respondents in involuntary commitment proceedings.
  • Aldermen Brad Benfield and other fellow aldermen expressed their appreciation to Mayor Daniel Boone for his efforts and taking of personal time to provide opportunities for the community, to promote fellowship and pride for the town through the recent events and activities for local residents within Winters Park. “I hope Elk Park citizens and those who have seen the effort know that it’s the mayor’s time that he is donating to the town trying to get them to come together and fellowship and everything,” Benfield said. “I hope more people take advantage of it and realize it. I, for one, appreciate that effort. Not a lot of towns do anything like this anymore to promote citizens coming together. It’s good in a lot of different ways.”
  • Multiple maintenance projects were discussed by the board, including the purchase of a new spring-loaded pressure relief valve for the town’s sewer plant to work with its blower system, maintenance needs for the town police vehicle, as well as cementing and railing at a portion of sidewalk on Main Street downtown near the entrance to the Masonic Lodge.
  • Mayor Boone reported that the town will be entering into contract with JECO Pyrotechnics for having the group shoot fireworks for the town for its Independence Day activi
  • ties on July 3, 2020.
  • The board discussed an upcoming Christmas-themed event that would include an outdoor tree lighting at the park, along with the showing of a Christmas-themed film, offering free hot chocolate, and possibly asking a local church group to perform Christmas carols. Aldermen discussed dates that included Dec. 8 or 9, or possibly Nov. 22 or 23, but no decision on a date was made and the board agreed to discuss the event at its next meeting.

The next regular monthly meeting of Elk Park Board of Aldermen will take place at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 7, at Elk Park Town Hall.

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