Toe River Health District

Toe River Health District reported 71 new cases of COVID-19 in Avery County in a media release on September 4.

LEDGER — Toe River Health District, Yancey, Mitchell and Avery counties, were notified on Friday, Sept. 4, about additional positive cases in the district. 

The district reported that Avery County had 71 new positive cases, increasing the county's total case count of Coronavirus at 245 positive cases, with 142 have recovered and 102 active cases. The district also reported one death related to the virus earlier in the week.

"Of the 71 positive cases today, three of those are community members and 68 are in a congregate setting," TRHD stated in a media release. "A congregate setting is a group living situation. This particular group living situation is not a long-term care facility and it is not a risk to the general public."

TRHD Director Diane Creek provided additional information through social media following the announcement.

"Please continue to be careful with this virus. I know everybody is sick and tired of not being able to do the things they did before CoVID. We are too. We also wish it was over, but it's not," Creek noted. "...You can socialize, go to the lake, have a BBQ, whatever activities you like to do, but please wear a mask and social distance when you're doing those things."

The district also updated numbers for surrounding counties Mitchell and Yancey County. Yancey County had two new positives on Sept. 4, which puts the county at 189 positive cases, with 163 individuals having recovered, 25 active cases and one death.

Mitchell County had one new positive on September 4, which totals the county with 150 positive cases, with 140 having recovered, six active cases and four deaths.

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