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NEWLAND — A new educational greenhouse is coming to Heritage Park on the back of a grant to make the project a reality.

The $18,000 grant will cover most of the project cost for 26-by 48-foot greenhouse for the Avery County Cooperative Extension.

Extension Executive Director Jerry Moody said there will be some minor fundraising to cover the remaining cost of the greenhouse.

Certain plants thrive in greenhouses, and Moody said they are also good environments to prevent disease and they can expand the growing season for certain plants.

“A lot of diseases we face on plants are diseases that get on one leaf, rain hits it and it splashes to another leaf,” Moody said.

Some of the plants Moody said grow well in greenhouses are lettuce, microgreens, tomatoes, cucumbers and a large number of non-edibles. The greenhouse will be used for Christmas tree research, for 4-H kids to do projects in and to educate the public about greenhouses in general.

“We’ll help you with it and teach you about it, and if you want to grow something in there we’ll get you the chance,” Moody said.Moody added the greenhouse will probably be built in late September or October and the Extension can start using it in the spring.

“I think there’s plenty of opportunities with greenhouses,” Moody said, noting there are a number of different types of greenhouses ranging from tear-down greenhouses to permanent structures that can be heated and cooled.

Moody said he does not anticipate a spike in people building greenhouses as a result, noting the expense of building a greenhouse, along with the time, space and operational costs required.

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