GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN — Alasdair White never failed to draw a large crowd with his fast-paced fiddle during the 2019 edition of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, held from July 11 to 14 at MacRae Meadows.

White is an exponent of West Coast Scottish music and was one of many performers during the GMHG.

White’s chief instrument is the fiddle, but he also plays the mandolin, bouzouki and banjo. He is known for generally playing in a West-Highland style, a style which is heavily derived from a culture with a rich piping tradition.

“I like to play what are called Jigs and Quick-steps,” said White. “It’s a style that is designed to lift spirits and get people moving.”

White performed multiple times at The Groves stage over the course of the Highland Games. Hundreds of listeners would sit on the grass under the shade of a few trees and listen to his fiddle’s dulcet tones fill the air.

“At the Highland Games I play many songs that you would’ve heard in Scotland around the 1700s,” White added. “I enjoy playing happy-go-lucky tunes that people can dance and stomp to.”

According to White, the tunes that he plays are all quite short, lasting only a minute or two each. “The idea is to string them together to create a narrative with a beginning and ending,” White explained.

White noted that he enjoys attending the Highland Games and plans on coming back next year.

“We’re in such a beautiful setting here atop Grandfather,” said White. “It’s a lovely meadow and the mountain is not just pretty, but the people on top of the mountain have all been lovely and in high spirits.”

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