Local musicians playing at Fred and Larry's Coffee Shop

AboveGround and Garrett Dellinger Music playing at Fred and Larry’s on Friday, Feb. 8.

BANNER ELK — For more than seven years the small-town coffee shop Fred and Larry’s has welcomed local musicians to play on Friday nights at their establishment. Every Friday night there is a different host, which rotates every week. Hosts are responsible for bringing their own musicians, followers, and fan base which causes different groups of people from all ages to come drink coffee and listen to music.

“We’ve been dreaming about a coffee shop, art gallery, and music place for over 30 years. We’ve had open mic nights since week one. It gives all the artists a venue to share their passions, develop their skills, and gain their confidence.” Larry Jones of Fred and Larry’s said.

On Friday, Feb. 8, local musicians AboveGround and Garrett Dellinger Music gave their special support, with 6ixty & Diwa and Zach Nelson who gave performances as they packed the house with people. That night, both AboveGround and Garrett Dellinger Music returned to Fred and Larry’s to play once again. The night first began with AboveGround and Garrett Dellinger Music collaborating together, warming up the audience and creating many smiles.

Music is often referred to as the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for local bands and singers AboveGround, Garrett Dellinger Music, 6ixty & Diwa and Zach Nelson. The more the bands played, the more people arrived. Yet, music wasn’t the only thing that filled the air. Along with it were laughs, claps, and what sounded like joy.

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