Kristan Five's artwork will be on display at the Toe River Arts Burnsville gallery beginning in mid-May.

BURNSVILLE — Toe River Arts, Burnsville 2D Community Gallery presents paintings by Kristan Five, her first series of work since moving to Western North Carolina. Five and her family settled into a home and studio on a farm in Burnsville in 2018.

“In the past I sought inspiration and reference for my work in vast, open spaces in nature, spaces generally found outside my neighborhood," Five said. " I am exceedingly grateful that we found our forever home in the mountains prior to COVID. Over this challenging last year, I was able to find those beautiful references just outside my front door, even right from my kitchen window.”

The subjects of her newest works include long-range mountain views, fields of flowers and beautiful mountain streams.

“This work is an expression of my belief that landscape is a moment rather than a place. I use the inspiration of landscape to render the ever-changing mood of the planet which parallels our human range of emotions," Five added. "While the subject of my work is influenced by the architectural landscape of the earth, my ultimate goal as a painter is essentially to capture an instance of human experience through color, shape and texture.” Five’s work is painted in an impasto style using cold wax medium to achieve a dense slate like texture and matte finish. She often incorporates gold leaf. Many layers of color and texture are applied to the canvas with both palette knives and brushes, often scraped and scratched away in preparation for a fresh new layer of color and texture.

Five has a body of work stretching back more than 25 years. Since moving to North Carolina in 1999 she has created a wide-ranging portfolio of commissioned pieces for Fortune 500 clients. Her work can be found hanging in banks, corporate offices, medical offices, hotels and homes throughout the nation.

Five's work will be featured from May 15 to June 19 at the Toe River Arts Gallery, located at 102 W. Main St. in Burnsville. 
The gallery is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

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