Patriotic star

A patriotic star is the subject of this month’s homemade craft.

Fourth of July is more than just great festivities and this year brings us all to the heart of many matters with all the changes we are facing, good and bad. I am the first of my legacy born here. Both my parents came from different war-stricken countries and met here later in life, each one coming at different times. My father grew up here and enlisted in the Navy. His brother fought in Vietnam. My mother came over in her 20s due to find peace with her family due to wars becoming more intense. Hearing their stories had terrified me and I have always been so grateful for America and to have been born here versus where each of my parents are from.

I love this country because we are free to speak, no matter what it is, and we are free.

In celebration to this coming holiday of the Fourth of July, the craft focuses on this blessing and to my love of nature. Here are some cool stars to remember the blessings and the good each time and feed the birds that sing no matter what the day brings. A reminder of our great country and the gifts nature innocently has to offer.


2 cups bird seed

star-shaped cookie cutters

2 packets plain gelatin

2/3 cup water

mixing bowl

wax paper

baking sheet

twine, string or ribbon


In mixing bowl, dissolve two packets of gelatin in 2/3 cup boiling water. Add 2 cups of bird seed and stir. Let it sit for five minutes and stir again so the birdseed can absorb more of the liquid.

Lay star cookie cutters down on wax covered, baking sheets and press mixture firmly into the stars. Cut lengths of twine, triple knot one end of each of them, and then press the knotted end into the top of the each star so they can hang. Refrigerate the ornaments overnight. Afterwards on a rack to air dry for several days to completely set.

The extra fun part is hanging them as starry decorations for the birds to enjoy too.

Happy Fourth of July to all and God Bless.

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