December craft

Materials and finished product for socksy snow people, the subject of the December craft.

This time of year after the leaves fall and the hardwood trees begin to slumber, the holidays bring an anticipation of snow with all its winter folk. I love creating cute characters and when I saw this idea, I had to play. It is simple, family friendly, inspires the imagination, and there are so many unique ways to dress up your snow folk for the any occasion. In this lesson I will be sharing a fun way to gather and create memories with those you love and laugh with. For added happiness, suggest a pot luck so everyone’s bellies are good and full.

Materials (see Photo 3)

  • White crew socks
  • polyester fiberfill (used to fill pillows and such)
  • rubber bands
  • small rocks from floral or fish section (one-third cup per person)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • protective plastic or newspaper
  • buttons, embellishments, felt, ribbon, lace, or any decorative fancy

I suggest setting up a play station for the event. First, protect your table with plastic or newspaper. You need one sock per person, 1/3 cup small rocks, and enough polyester fill to create a six- to eight-inch snow person for each participant. Have your buddies bring cool embellishments to the gathering and extra glue and glue guns and scissors if possible. Felt is great to create quick accessories or outfits, as in doll clothes or such. Depending on your setup, you can have a station for hot gluing when time or figure a way everyone can have their own glue gun.


1. To stabilize your little guy or gal, fill the sock with 1/3 cup small rocks, then put as much polyester fill as you need for either six- to eight-inch figure. That could mean four to 10 big handsful, depending on hand size.

2. Use rubber bands to section the body, as illustrated in Photo 2.

3. You can cut the top part of sock off above the head or do what I did. For the guy, I folded his over to make a chef’s hat. The girl, I cut the band in strands to create her hair.

4. I used a doll dress for his apron and buttons and such for rest. Her ensemble is an array of cool felt pieces and parts. (as illustrated in Photo 1)

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