Crafts by Mary submission March 2020

This past week alone with the coronavirus affecting so much of the normality of our lives, one can’t help but yearn to go back to the basics. I love plants, gardening, canning, dehydrating, or anything that gives me a harvest to use all seasons one way or another. When I watch the news, I realize how important all these things are, as well as supporting our own local farmers and businesses. Homemade is better. Spring fever and some quiet time at home is a good mix for planting seeds or transplanting a few seedlings in one of my favorite recyclable materials, plastic bottles. Safety, love, and prayers to all.


  • plastic bottle
  • utility knife and screwdriver
  • Seedling potting mix, or look up ways make your own if you wish
  • Cut 2-to-3 4-inch strips of an old cotton T-shirt or wick- like yarn
  • water
  • seeds or seedling


1. Cut the bottle in half with utility blade. On top part portion, puncture drainage holes with blade then take a screwdriver through each to widen hole (see Diagram 1).

2. Put strips of fabric or wick-like yarn partly through neck of bottle before filling with potting mix. Fill bottom section one-third full of water, then place the top into bottom section as Diagram 2 above.

3. Plant your seeds or seedling as illustrated in Diagram 2. I made two from 2-liter bottles. In one, I planted a La Bomba Jalapeño Pepper seedling and in the other I planted Nasturtium seeds as shown in photo I took. Look up more ways to plant creatively using recyclables and enjoy some good quality time.

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