August craft

An illustration of this month’s craft idea from Mary, in the form of a handmade rug or wall hanging for placement.

Many of the women on my father’s side of the family are talented with fabrics and yarn.

My talents flow elsewhere. My Aunt Helen jokes, “Mary, you can’t be a true Karam because you don’t like knitting as the rest of the clan.” I laugh and tell her, “I still love the textures, colors, and the feel of the fibers; maybe I create differently. I am an odd one.”

This month’s craft focuses on that oddity. Why not? I am always drawn to yarn while on thrift store ventures. I create hair for fairies I make and use them other ways. Justice, one of my amazing friends, became my muse in this journey by constructing a little rug for her car. I loved the idea and created a wall piece for my home. The fiber possibilities are endless with a bit of imagination, fun and, of course, yarn.


  • Yarn
  • Ribbon, string or thick threads
  • Base (table mat, wreath ring, etc.)
  • Buttons, embellishments, or odd trinkets (optional)
  • Wire and/or beads (optional)


The Rug

Justice first prepared by braiding long strands of her yarn. She then coiled the braid from the center and hand sewed (not pulling too tight) each layer to the other to create a small circular rug. For support, Justice chose a straw woven table matt as a base to attach it to.

Wall Hanging

I found a wreath ring to for the base. I picked the colors I wished to use, blues and greens for the sky and forest. After cutting long strands of yarn and a bit of ribbon, I hand tied the yarn on the metal ring pieces spiraling from the center to outward. Then I took frilly metallic thread and wrapped it around a few of the metal wreath rings to create a fan, which I tied off by wrapping the string around the base of the fan to signify a tree. The last layer was adding trinkets I had also found at thrift stores, plus attaching a bead with a bit of wire.

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