CNA graduates

Congratulations to each and every student for your hard work, your dedication, and all your accomplishments. You did a great job to become the CNAs you are today.

The class consisted of 15 students who are now Certified Nurses Aides. Those students are: Brianna Brown, Emily Clawson, Belle Cook, Nautica Cotton, Ashlyn Crowe, McKenzie Franklin, Andrea “Brooke” Garland, Kathy “Renee” Jaynes, Autumn Lipford, Hannah McIntosh, Erica Sheppard, Kaytlyn Smith, Maggie Smith, Julia Thomas and Cynthia Zuercher.

Each student came together in August 2018 not knowing what the few months ahead was going to consist of or what they would go through. With the help of instructors Pam Anglin and Lydia Ledford, these 15 students learned the ins and outs of the knowledge and skills of a CNA, they cared for some of the sweetest residents at the Life Care Center in Banner Elk, and they took the state board written and skills exams, all together. Through this process they grew as individuals and as a family of future health care workers.

The work of a CNA is often hard and very emotional. You have to care for those who are fully relying on you. These students, through the guidance of God and their instructors, take on this responsibility with love, compassion and determination in their hearts.

God has a grand plan for all of our lives. For these 15 girls God placed the burden of becoming a caretaker to the rest of the world. I do not know where their lives will take them, but I do know that God is with each and every one of them. And no matter where they go or who they are caring for, they have the knowledge, the skills and the love and compassion to do a wonderful job.

May God bless each and every one of your lives and guide you to become the angel on earth to reach the lives and hearts of those God places in your path! Love you all! Congratulations to all of you!


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