NEWLAND — The hustle and bustle of the Avery A&H Fair could not be missed Sept. 4 to 7 in Newland. The fair drew in people all throughout the community and with free entrance, the fun and games could not be missed.

According to Avery County Cooperative Extension Office Director Jerry Moody, this year’s fair was the most successful, boasting more than 7,000 people in attendance during the four-day event.

“It was well worth it,” said Moody. “We couldn’t have done it without all of our sponsors and volunteers. It is truly a community event and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome.”

The Avery Fair was able to bring a community together around rides, games, music and festivities. Not only did the fair have the entertaining activities, but also provided a space for local organizations to hold raffles and release information.

Organizations in attendance included the Avery County Sheriff’s Office, High Country Sportsman’s Coalition, Daniel Boone Bear Club and many more. The community was not only able to learn, but share an experience of fun around the fair.

Rhonda Arnold, a second-year volunteer for the Avery Fair, said the fair was a huge success and that the community really came together for this event. A large part of this success were results from events such as “carload night,” which offered discounted fair-related activities and brought in about twice the amount of people than in years past, according to Arnold.

Including the fair rides and games, livestock shows took place throughout the weekend. These shows included chicken, goats, horses and a variety of cattle. If one was unable to see the shows themselves, the public could say hello to their furry friends under the livestock tent.

While meandering through the fair, it was hard to miss the tempting smell of fair food. The festivities were accompanied by favorites such as funnel cakes and deep-fried treats. Alongside the sweets were many local vendors selling food, such as the Linville Central Rescue Squad with savory burgers and hand-cut fries.

More information and photos regarding the Avery A&H Fair can be found within this week’s print edition and online.

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