Leadership Avery visits The AJT new cutline

The 2019 class of Leadership Avery visited the offices of The Avery Journal-Times in 2019 to hear about the history and operations of the newspaper in the community. Registration is now open for the 2020 class of Leadership Avery.

Who runs Avery County? Who are our leaders — our movers and shakers? What local businesses and organizations are integral to the fabric of everyday life and how do they operate? What resources are available to our citizens? Interested in learning just how Avery County works and being more involved with the county’s current and future leadership? Here is your chance!

The Avery County Chamber of Commerce is offering its fifth class of Leadership Avery, a 10-month program developed by Avery County leaders to enlighten participants about county businesses, agencies, organizations, and resources and how they work, both individually and together, to run our county.

The fifth-year class will kick off in March with a class orientation. The sessions will focus on: Education, Nonprofits, Resorts and Tourism, Health care, Law, Courts, Government, Media, Small Business/Entrepreneurship, Tree Farms, Local Industry and Wineries/Breweries. The class will wrap up in October with each participant graduating, receiving certification and enjoying dinner. Participants will walk away with a vastly expanded view of just how Avery County operates, excellent knowledge of who to go to for what, and resources to add their own contributions to leadership in our county.

YMCA CEO, 2016 inaugural class participant and past 2017 chair Trey Oakley states, “Leadership Avery not only opened my eyes to how much goes on in our small community, but also introduced me to the people who are behind the majority of it. The type of person that will benefit from Leadership Avery is someone who wants to give back, who wants to be a catalyst for change, and who wants to ensure a brighter future for all in Avery County. I was blessed to be surrounded with individuals concerned with our community and I look forward to growing our alumni base to become a driving force in Avery County’s future.”

Participants must commit to one full day a month in the program and can miss only one scheduled session. Also, the business they represent must be a member of the Avery County Chamber of Commerce. The cost is $300, and if the participant is an employee of an area business, in most cases the employer will sponsor or pay the tuition for the participant.

For more information, call Avery County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Melynda Pepple at (828) 898-5605 or email director@averycounty.com. Applications are due Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. You may download an application and brochure on www.averycounty.com or call the Avery Chamber.

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