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Avery High School Athletic Director Jay Smith addresses a group of parents at a July 24 meeting orienting and informing them of upcoming activities and changes at the school for the upcoming school year in athletics.

NEWLAND — Avery County High School hosted an athletics event on July 24 to preempt the start of the school year to give parents information about the upcoming year and the complications involved with the high school given the ongoing construction project.

The $20 million construction and renovation project at the school has rendered unavailable the front parking lot for the time being. The front lot is the largest parking area at the school and is used as a primary way to access the high school’s stadium.

With the lot out of commission, the temporary main entrance is the side entrance that is normally utilized as the bus drop-off location. The change will require parking for sporting events to move to the side and tertiary lots of the facility.

All of the parking at the school will be affected by the change. Buses will now drop students off at the rear cafeteria entrance to the school at the beginning of the day, and students that would normally park up front that drive to the school will be parked around the building as well, and the buses will have to be parked off site during the day.

ACHS Athletic Director Jay Smith led the meeting in the high school’s gym, which was mostly attended by parents. In addition to housekeeping regarding parking, Smith dispensed information on registering students for athletics.

Smith emphasized that extracurriculars are a major element of the success of students, and implored parents to help school boosters to fundraise for athletic programs, including volunteering and not just financial contributions.

“We need parents to help, and it’s not always a financial contribution that we need,” Smith said. “Sometimes we’re selling cards to raise money, we’re running the concession stands. We need whatever it might be. We need your help.”

During the meeting, sports physicals, a requirement for student-athlete participation in high school athletics, were available and administered at the school’s media center.

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