WASHINGTON D.C. — As Election Day approaches, the Nov. 3 contest between incumbent Presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) and former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is well under way, and while personal attacks have been levied against each candidate, it is worth taking a step back and examining the policy platforms put forth by each campaign.


President Trump is looking at building upon a strong economic record if he was to win re-election this November. According to the president’s campaign website, Trump is campaigning on creating 10 million new job in 10 months, creating one million new small businesses, cutting taxes to boost take home pay, keep jobs in America, propose “Made in America” tax credits, expand opportunity zones and and continue a deregulatory agenda for energy independence.

According to the Biden campaign website, the former vice president will provide state, local and tribal governments aid so essential workers will not be laid off. Biden is also proposing extending COVID-19 crisis unemployment benefits, and providing a comeback package for main street businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Biden is planning to create a Public Health Jobs Corps, mobilize American manufacturing and innovation, build a modern infrastructure and create a caregiving and educational workforce while advancing racial equality.


Trump’s campaign is focusing is on developing a coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020 and to return the country to pre-pandemic conditions by 2021. Trump is also planning to ensure that all critical medical supplies for health care workers are made in the United States and to refill stockpiles in preparation for future pandemics.

To fight COVID-19, Biden is proposing wide availability of free testing, the elimination of all cost barriers to preventative care and treatment of COVID-19, the development of a vaccine and the full deployment and operation of necessary supplies, personnel and facilities.

Health care

President Trump is proposing continuing health care reform by cutting prescription drug prices, putting patients and doctors back in charge of the health care system, lowering insurance premiums, ending surprise billing, covering pre-existing conditions, protecting Social Security and Medicare, protect veterans and provide world-class health care and services.

Vice President Biden’s health care plan is centered around protecting and building upon the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Biden’s plan would provide a public health insurance option like Medicare, increase the value to tax credits to lower premiums, extend coverage to more working Americans, expand coverage to low income workers, end surprise billing, end market concentration across the health system and stand up to the abuse of power by prescription drug companies.

Foreign Policy

President Trump’s foreign policy agenda harkens back to his 2016 campaign’s “America First” focus. Trump plans to stop endless wars, bring troops home, get allies to pay their fair share, maintain and expand America’s military, wipe out global terrorists and build a cybersecurity and missile defense system.

Trump is also proposing to end America’s reliance on China, bring back one million manufacturing jobs, give tax credits to companies that bring jobs back from China, allow 100-percent expense deductions for essential industries that bring manufacturing to the US, grant no federal contracts to companies that outsource to China and hold China accountable for the COVID-19 expansion.

In a similar vein, Biden’s foreign policy is centered on bringing American manufacturing from overseas. The campaign states that a comprehensive manufacturing and innovation strategy will marshal the resources of the federal government in a way not seen since World War II. Biden’s plan proposes to make a $400 billion procurement investment in American products, revitalize American manufacturers, make a $300 billion investment in research and development and pose a pro-American worker tax and trade strategy.

To examine each campaign’s policies more in-depth, click to donaldjtrump.com and joebiden.com. Don Blankenship (Constitution), Howie Hawkins (Green) and Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian) are also on the ticket.

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