Town of Newland

The Town of Newland is in the process of creating banners to hang around town in order to honor and celebrate high school seniors.

NEWLAND — The town of Newland held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 5, in which the alderman discussed its plans to celebrate high school seniors by hanging banners throughout town, as well as decided upon a tentative date for Fourth of July festivities.

Town Manager Keith Hoilman reported to the board that he had checked on the cost of hanging banners with names of high school seniors around town, stating that it would cost approximately $500 for one large banner to go across the intersection next to CVS Pharmacy.

The idea first came about after parents of senior athletes wanted to find a way to celebrate the seniors after spring sports had been canceled. The parents were able to find a donor to purchase 13 banners. During April’s meeting, aldermen approved the hanging of the banners as long as the signage also encompassed the whole Class of 2020.

“I know the students haven’t had a chance to do a lot of the things due to COVID-19, but we wanted to do something for them to show support,” Hoilman said.

Additionally, the board discussed the festivities for the Fourth of July and decided on a tentative date of July 3 to hold the fireworks show. However, final decisions on the festival are pending due to COVID-19.

The town of Newland is preparing its annual budget for approval ahead of the new financial year, which begins in July. The proposed budget was presented to the board by Finance Officer Lise Meinhardt, and the town will hold a budget workshop at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12.

In other business, the town discussed having livestock in town limits. Alderman Lauren Turbyfill stated that those who wished to possess livestock had to get their land classified as farm agriculture use, and would be considered as long as it is not considered a nuisance.

The town of Newland is looking to make it easier for residents to pay their water, sewer and tax bills by implementing a system in which residents can pay online or over the phone using a credit card. Meinhardt stated that a credit card machine with a QS1 data system would charge $15 a month, and the customer would have to pay the fee. The board approved a motion to set up a credit card system online.

Alderman Kenny Caraway made a motion to approve office lease agreements of tenants that would allow Hoilman to approve each year as long as the tenants remained the same. The board approved the amended motion.

Alderman Jamey Johnson made a motion to buy employees dinner on the last Friday of the month until the COVID-19 pandemic was over. The board approved the motion unanimously.

The board’s next monthly meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2.

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