Luncheon with Rep. Foxx

Pictured from left are App State employee Hannah Reeder, App State National Center for Developmental Education Director Hunter Boylan, and Rep. Foxx, at a luncheon event on Saturday, June 2.

BANNER ELK — U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), attended the 25th anniversary of The Ponds Property Owners Association on June 2 and presented certificates of recognition to the founders and longtime residents of the neighborhood on Hwy. 105.

Foxx recognized the small community as “a hidden gem” in the mountains and spoke of the importance of community spirit in the daily lives of Americans.

Foxx grew up in the area and before being elected to Congress was a member of the faculty at Appalachian State University, where several of the residents and guests at the event are employed. While she had a “very humble” life as a child, Foxx said her family and community helped her to get an education, and succeed in business and in politics, something Foxx believed anyone in America can achieve.

Foxx, who represents 11 counties in western North Carolina, is the head of the House Education Committee. She was instrumental in having the National Center for Developmental Education established at Appalachian State University and currently is leading the effort to reform federal law by placing more emphasis on career education involving less than a traditional four-year degree.

Those honored at the event were the officers of the first board of directors of the association, including Clyde Platt, James Bramuchi and Joseph Yoder. Certificates also were given to those who have owned or lived at The Ponds for more than 20 years.

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